Raindrop Cake, clear jelly dessert on wooden boat. Asian dessert made of water and agar. Vegan and vegetarian.

Raindrop Cake - Kit Includes: Silicone Mold, Ingredients, Recipe

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This kit will show you how to make the famous Raindrop Cake at home. This beautiful dessert which was featured on the Today Show, Buzzfeed, ABC News and more, blew up the New York foodie scene. Based on jelly desserts popular in Asia, it offers a vegan and vegetarian alternative to gelatine and Jell-O products. The melt-in-your-mouth feel of the jelly makes this the perfect after meal treat. This kit contains reusable mold, hard to find ingredients and the Raindrop Cake recipe. Great as a gift or a fun addition to your next dinner party. The kit can make 6 Raindrop Cakes.